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When you or someone you know is in need of support, having friends or family to talk to can be enormously helpful. It is also important to recognize when you or a friends are in need of extra support beyond what you can provide one another. The resources below are some of the options available to you.


If this is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately.

Local mental health services, including a 24/7 crisis line. 

A free, confidential, and anonymous helpline providing professional counselling and information and referrals for mental health, addictions, and well-being to post-secondary students in Ontario. A good starting point if you are unsure of which resources to access.

Resolve Counselling Services

Affordable, professional counselling in the local community.

Maltby Centre

The Maltby Centre is a community mental health organization aimed at helping youth with mental health and/or autism concerns. 

Professional counselling for a wide-range of personal, academic, and social concerns at Queen's University. Available to all students free of charge.

Non-judgmental and confidential peer support by trained volunteers, available to all Queen's University students free of charge.

Big White Wall

The Big White Wall is an online resource aimed at promoting mental health and well-being. It provides access to self-help resources. 

Anxiety Canada

Anxiety Canada is an online resource that provides information, tools, and resources to help individuals manage anxiety. 

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