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The goal of CPOP workshops is to provide evidence-based mental health information in an accessible format. Each workshop is tailored to one of our three pillars: educating educators, school outreach, and community outreach. Our speaker team is comprised of knowledgeable, passionate, and engaging Master's and PhD students in the Department of Psychology at Queen's University. 

Some topics that we can cover include:

  • Emotion regulation 

  • Coping with stress and anxiety

  • Self-care 

  • Healthy communication 

  • Healthy relationships

  • Relaxation 

  • Mindfulness

  • Unhelpful thinking 

  • Sleep

  • Study skills 

  • Social media 

  • And more!

For examples of past events, see our blurbs below!

We would be excited to work with your community/student group, organization, or company to deliver a workshop that is relevant to your needs. We request a speaker fee of $50 per workshop (or pay-what-you-can) to support our ongoing activities. Our expectation is that all workshops will be free to attend.  

To request a workshop, please fill out the form found on our Contact page.


2017 - 2018
2016 - 2017
2015 - 2016
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