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Kat Fretz is a second year PhD student in Clinical Psychology. She is passionate about outreach work and the Kingston community. Her research focuses on health psychology and her clinical interests lie in helping adolescents and adults with their mental health.

Alexandra Tighe is a third year PhD student in Clinical Psychology. Her clinical work focuses on child and adolescent mental health and neuropsychology, including brain injury and concussion. Her research is in youth emotion regulation and parent-child relationships. She is interested in community outreach and working with diverse populations.


Educating Educators lead - Sam Kim

School Outreach leads - Kat Fretz &

Caitlin Atkinson 

Community Outreach lead - Alexandra Tighe

Sam Kim is a second year PhD student in clinical psychology. He is passionate about creating safe, healthy school environments for all children. Sam is excited to be working with CPOP to provide educational opportunities to people in the Kingston community.

Caitlin Atkinson is a third year PhD student in Clinical Psychology. Her clinical work focuses on child and adolescent mental health, specifically with children with intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her research is on parent-child affection and its influence on children's social understanding. 


Our team from left to right: Maeve Mulroy, Dan Tassone, Caitlin Atkinson, Kayla Mooney, Larah Maunder, Valentina Mihajlovic, Kat Fretz, Alexandra Tighe, Rachael Quickert, Chelsea Wood-Ross, Melissa Milanovic, Daniel Nault


Not pictured: Sam Kim, Stephanie Woolridge, Nina Micanovic, Scott McQuian, Louisa Man, Meghan McInnis, Patrick Yung


​Joyce and Jackie are Ph.D. students in Clinical Psychology. Jackie conducts research on sexuality and Joyce studies peer relationships. They are pals who enjoy sushi, soccer, and games nights with friends! In CPOP, they are particularly passionate presenting on mental health in the context of relationships. They are currently completing their clinical internships. 


Scott Squires 

Amy O'Neil 

Irene Hong 

Josh Moskowitz 

Nic Leblanc 

Erika Peter 

Amanda Shamblaw 

Abie Muere 

Madelaine Gierc 

Tara Karasewich 

Kalee DeFrance 

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